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Imprint, general conditions

Q Translation OG

Mag. Simona Volpe-Adeoye

Mag, Sofia Absenger-Bustamante


Headquarters Austria
A-8055 Graz
Kaiserwiesenweg 3e

Telefon      +43 316 242 050

Telefax      +43 316 242 050-89

QTranslation OG Vienna

(Goldenes Quartier)

A-1010 Vienna
Tuchlauben 7a

Telefon      +43  1 25 300 25 - 341

Telefax      +43  1 25 300 25 - 25


Headquarters Switzerland

QualityTranslation GmbH

CH-8048 Zurich-Altstetten
Max-Höggerstr. 6

Telefon      +41 44 552 44 72




FN 461529

Landesgericht für Zivilrechtssachen Graz



Copyright 2017 © Quality Translation
All rights reserved.

Copyright information
The material on our website is copyright protected by Quality Translation. All rights reserved.
The following conditions of use along with any other laws or conditions applicable in relation to the internet or the World Wide Web apply to all users of and visitors to this website. You may not distribute, amend, copy, repost or otherwise use any content of the website for public or commercial purposes without written permission from Quality Translation.Your access to and use of the website are likewise subject to the following conditions of use and the applicable laws.
By accessing and visiting the website you accept the conditions without limitation or exception and acknowledge that they replace other agreements between you and Quality Translation relating to the subject matter.

Conditions of use of the website
We go to every effort to keep the information on our website up to date; we assume no liability, however, for the accuracy of the information provided. Therefore no assurances are given and no responsibility or liability of any kind is assumed in relation to the accuracy of the information provided.
Unlawful use of the images on this website may infringe copyright, trademark law, rights of personality or publicity rights and statutory reproduction provisions and conditions.
The trademarks and service marks displayed on this website are the intellectual property of the respective owners. The use of the trademarks or other content dis-played on the website for purposes other than those specified in the aforementioned conditions of use is forbidden.

This website may contain links to websites of third parties. If you access these web-sites you do so at your own risk. We assume no liability for the content of third party links. The operators of linked sites are solely responsible for the content of these sites.Access to areas that are password protected or otherwise secured is available exclu-sively to authorized users. We reserve the right to take legal action against persons who try to gain access to these areas without express authorization.

Quality Translation reserves the right to update or amend these conditions of use at any time.

General conditions

1.    Area of application
These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements between the service provider and her clients, unless otherwise expressly agreed or legally required.
The general terms and conditions of the customer are binding for the service provid-er only if expressly recognized by the latter.

2.    Scope of service
The service will be carried out in accordance with the standards of proper profes-sional practice. The customer will receive the contractually agreed copy of the service.

3.    Duty of the client to cooperate and provide information 

The client must inform the service provider in time about specific modes to exe-cute the service (translation on data carriers, print version, layout of the translati-on, mode of interpretation service – in booth, with mobile device, consecutive, whispering, language combinations, required technical equipment, audio re-cording, specific conditions for language courses, number of participants, etc.)

Information and documents required to carry out the service must be provided by the customer unsolicited and in time to the service provider (terminology lists, drawings, tables, abbreviations, conference documents, scripts, presentations, agenda, etc.)

Errors, which may result from the non-compliance with these obligations, shall not be borne by the service provider.
Important note when renting our technical equipment:
Per missing or damaged receiver we will charge 180,00 € ex VAT.
Per missing or damaged headset we will charge 18,00 € ex VAT. The client will as-sume the responsibility for distributing and collecting receivers and headsets during the event!
The client will respond in case of damages or losses!

4.    Right to rectify errors

The service provider reserves herself the right to rectify errors or omissions. The client is entitled to the rectification of possible errors or omissions contained in the service. The client may exercise his right to rectification by accurately indi-cating the error. If the rectification of the error is not forthcoming or a substitute is not successful, the statutory guarantee rights shall be revived, unless no other agreement was made.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Claims concerning the invoice or complaints concerning the service must be presented within 10 days after the completion of the service. Any objections raised later than that, cannot be considered.

5.    Liability
The service provider shall be held liable in case of gross negligence and intent. The liability in case of minor negligence applies only in case of breach of cardinal con-tractual obligations. The service provider commits herself to maintain secrecy on all facts which become known to her in the context of her activity for the client.

6.    Compensation

The compensation is due immediately after the execution of the service, unless not otherwise expressly agreed and confirmed by the service provider.

 The service provider is qualified for the reimbursement of the expenses actually incurred and agreed with the client, besides the agreed remuneration. The VAT will be added as far as legally required. The service provider can – in case of mo-re extensive services – ask an advance payment in an amount, which is objec-tively required for the execution of the service. In justified cases the service pro-vider can predicate the fulfilment/delivery of the service from the advance pay-ment of the entire remuneration.

7.    Cancellation fee
If the client cancels an order given to QualityTranslation, the services carried out till that moment in time shall be remunerated and the already made expenses need to be paid. If the client cancels an interpreting assignment, he must generally pay 50% of the agreed remuneration. If the cancellation is presented 15 days before the date of the execution of the service, 80% of the agreed remuneration must be paid to the service provider. If the client cancels the service up to 3 days before its execution, 100% of the agreed remuneration must be paid.

8.    Place of jurisdiction and applicable right
The contractual relationship is subject to Austrian law. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes deriving from this contractual relationship is the locally competent court in Graz.

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