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Quality Translation

Quality Translation was founded in 2009 by Simona Volpe-Adeoye with its head office in Graz. Since 2016 we serve our clients also in Switzerland from our branch office in Glattbrugg.


We are a young and dynamic team of self-employed interpreters and translators. We carry out our job with discipline and enthusiasm. The usually challenging projects of our clients are carried out with accuracy and prepared with care. Stressful and exceptional situations are part of our job and we manage them successfully every day. 

We have high expectations of ourselves. We personally organise and coordinate our client’s projects. We are always in close contact with our clients. We are not an agency but we work with our team and our extended network, whenever necessary.

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We are well-trained and highly qualified interpreters and translators with years of practice and experience in various specialised fields. The interpreting practice became our core competence and specialisation over the years due to the demand and the success we experienced on the market. This service also includes the necessary know-how and the competent partner to provide the technical equipment.
As perfectly coordinated team we help you to save time by asking only one offer for all the related services and the need to communicate with only one contact person. We can offer you all the related services directly from the experts. 


We want to be a partner of competence for our clients on which they can count on for 100%. Whether for translation services, consultation services, briefing, organisation or the technical equipment:

the quality of our services shall be the reason why our clients want to work with us on a long-term basis.

  • Lasting joy and motivation for our demanding, exciting and often also stressful job.

  • Sustainable satisfaction of our clients and extension of the customer base.

  • Organic growth of the team and the company as well as the goal of embedding the company in the target markets.




Why detour via an agency? Get to know us directly: The easiest way for a consultation free of charge, a good briefing, the preparation and implementation. All services from one provider, namely from the experienced experts in the field – fast, flexible, reliable. And by choosing us you know who you are going to work with. You negotiate the price directly with the experts in the field – and this is going to be your full advantage!


We are personally responsible for our services. 
Your satisfaction is our professional and business-related motivation. We aspire sustainable partnerships and act accordingly. Though our work is most of the times not visible but only audible, for our clients we want to have a face too. Also the debriefing takes place with us personally.


We stand up for a fair cost/performance ratio and for transparency. Quality surely has its price. However, we still have some liberty in our price calculations, which you will benefit of. We do not live on commissions but of our good services and our longlasting partnerships. 


Simona Volpe-Adeoye

Mag. phil.

Owner & associate at Quality Translation based in Graz and Zürich.
Conference interpreter and translator for English, German, Italian, Spanish. 

Graz/Zürich, University Graz/Bologna,

University Salzburg

Sofia Absenger-Bustamante

Mag. phil.
Owner & Managing director at
Quality Translation.
Conference interpreter and translator for Spanish,
German, English;

Team Quality Translation

Daniela Prinz

Mag. phil.

Conference interpreter and translator for German, Italian, English;


Diplom. Dolm.

Conference interpreter and translator for German and Italian

Martina Jeric-Ruzovits

Übersetzerin und Sprachtrainerin für Englisch

Martina Rotondi


Liasion interpreter and translator for Italian, German, English; Graz/Vienna

Marion Puschmann


Conference interpreter and translator for English, German, Spanish;

 Klagenfurt Land

Angelika Peaston

Mag. phil.

Conference interpreter and translator for English, German, Italian;


Manuela Casa

Dott. ssa

Conference interpreter and translator for Italian, French, English;


John Ikihide Adeoye

Financial accounting,

project management;


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